The A140 is the perfect choice for home studio and music enthusiasts alike!
Featuring a professional, high-quality design, the A140 provides exceptional clarity and a tight, balanced sound across the entire frequency range.
With the 40 mm phase-coherent drivers, the A140 delivers clean bass tones, accurate midrange, and crisp highs for headphone mixing, playback, and critical listening, at a great price.

  • Dynamic closed-back design

  •  Natural, tight, and accurate sound reproduction

  • Linear response throughout the frequency range

  • Balanced studio-quality sound

  • High-performance phase-coherent drivers for excellent imaging

  • Great choice for home studio

  • Over-the-ear design built for comfort and isolation

  • Soft cushion ear cups with 90-degree swivel for easy single-ear monitoring


Audix Headphones Model A140

$159.00 Regular Price
$129.00Sale Price